Westpac Premium Investment Funds

The Westpac Premium Investment Funds is a range of funds across different asset classes available through the Westpac Wrap Service. Talk to a Westpac Adviser if you want to know more about accessing these funds.

Download the Product Disclosure Statement and read more about this investment option below.

Underlying Investment Managers

The Manager of the Westpac Premium Investment Funds is BT Funds Management (NZ) Limited ('BT'). As Manager, BT may employ specialist underlying investment managers to manage specific assets. View the current Underlying Investment Managers for the Premium Investment Funds.

Fund Updates

Keep up to date with your investment in the Westpac Premium Investment Funds with our quarterly reporting. These will be published shortly after the end of each quarter, commencing 30 September 2016.

Other information

Unit Prices

The money you invest in a Fund within the Premium Investment Funds buys units in that Fund. The value of each unit is called the unit price. Unit prices are generally calculated daily.

For the latest available unit prices, call 0800 738 641 (8am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday).

Download the historical exit unit prices.

You will need to download Adobe Reader.

Annual Report

You can get a copy of the report here.