Investments & KiwiSaver

You may be a first time investor, or saving for your retirement. You may have a small lump sum to invest, or you could be a high net-worth individual with an existing portfolio of shares. Whatever your stage in life or financial situation, we can make a real difference in helping you achieve your financial goals.

  • What’s investing?
    What’s investing?

    Investing is about using your money to try and make more money. But how do you go about it and what do you need to know?

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  • KiwiSaver

    The Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme is currently one of the largest and fastest growing KiwiSaver Schemes. More than 360,000 Kiwis have joined our Scheme.

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  • Investment Solutions and Advisory Service
    Investment Solutions and Advisory Service

    At Westpac, we can help you secure a better financial future. With our team of more than 50 authorised financial advisers, more than 35,000 clients and over $4bn in assets, you can trust us to provide sound, professional advice.

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  • Westpac Active Series
    Westpac Active Series

    The Westpac Active Series is a range of unit trusts that make it easy for you to invest, each with a sophisticated investment strategy.

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