Life, income & debts

Life. You can't predict it, but you can prepare for whatever comes your way. We have insurance solutions that can give you an income, help cover your debts or provide for your loved ones when you can't. Even better, you can tailor the cover to your needs, then change it whenever your situation changes.

  1. Life insurance

    Life insurance

    Term Cover Life Insurance gives you simple, flexible cover that can pay out quickly when it's needed. It could pay out a lump sum if you die. Or be paid out in advance if you become terminally ill - providing for your loved ones when you can't.

  2. JN13894 Redundancy Insurance 760x380px

    Income protection insurance

    If a serious illness or disability meant you couldn't work for a while, how long could you and your family manage without your income? Gold Disability Income Cover can help you pay the bills and other expenses by providing you with regular income.

  3. Credit card insurance

    Credit card insurance

    If you have a credit card with Westpac, Card Repayment Cover is great for those of us who like to use our credit cards regularly. Specifically designed to protect your credit card repayments should the unforeseen occur.

  4. Home loan repayment insurance

    Home loan repayment insurance

    Managing home loan payments is a big deal for most of us, so make sure you've got back up. With Flexicover, if something happens and you're unable to work, your home loan payments could continue to be made.

  5. Personal loan repayment insurance

    Personal loan repayment insurance

    If you have a personal loan with Westpac, Westpac Loan Cover could remove some of the worry for you - helping you to meet your loan repayments in the event of an injury or illness (where you can't work), involuntary redundancy and bankruptcy, or death.

  6. Bill protection cover

    Bill protection cover

    If you suddenly couldn't work because of an injury, illness, redundancy or bankruptcy, our Bill Protection cover can help to cover your regular bills. It's a monthly benefit that's paid directly to you, so you can choose the bills you want to pay.