Boat insurance

We can cover your boat for private recreational use no matter where it is in New Zealand – on land or in the water. That includes your trailer, navigational gear and any personal belongings in the boat at the time.

Here’s what you’re covered for

  • Cover if your boat is stolen, vandalised or accidentally damaged
  • Cover for your boat trailer
  • Cover for navigation gear normally sold with a boat
  • Cover for sails, masts, spars and riggings
  • Damage you cause to someone else’s boat, up to $1 million 
  • Salvage costs if your boat needs to be recovered after an accident

How can I save money on my premiums?

Here are some tips that could help you save:

  • you could save money on your premium by increasing your excess
  • when you insure your home that you live in with Westpac, you’ll get a 20% discount on your boat cover

30-day free look

You’re entitled to a free look period of 30 days from the start date of your policy.

If you decide this cover is not for you within the free look period, please call us on 0800 809 378 and we’ll refund any premiums you’ve paid.