Insurance for parents

You probably think about your kids every day... packing lunches, driving them from place to place, you’re always there for them. But what about in the future? If something happened to you or your partner tomorrow, will your family be taken care of?

Here are some situations to consider

If you or your partner should die or become terminally ill

  • Could your family pay the day-to-day bills?

  • Would your children’s future education be taken care of?

  • Could your family afford to stay in the family home?

  • Does your family have money to cover sudden medical costs, or funeral expenses?

Term Life Cover could provide the cover you need for these situations. It’s a simple, competitively priced life cover that  could pay out a lump sum if you die or become terminally ill. Learn more.

If you or your partner are unable to work due to disability or serious illness

  • Would you have the financial capacity to maintain your current lifestyle over a long period?

  • Could you still make your home loan or rent payments?

  • Would your kids have to give up hobbies or activities due to financial pressure?

Income Protection Insurance could help you in the situation of disability or serious illness. It could give you a regular monthly payment, so you can maintain a good standard of living while you recover. Learn more.