Buying your first home

Starting with the basics for first home buyers, we’ll talk you through home loans and every step of the process, so you can move forward with confidence.

  1. Getting started
    Getting started

    Begin with the basics like your mortgage deposit options, conditional approval and tips for first-home buyers.

  2. Do the maths
    Do the maths

    We investigate the important question: "Can I afford it?"

  3. Getting your deposit together
    Getting your deposit together

    There are loads of ways to get help with your deposit, so you can own your first home sooner.

  4. House hunting
    House hunting

    What are you looking for in a home, and how might that affect you financially?

  5. The buying process
    The buying process

    A look at how making an offer, bidding at auction or submitting a tender works.

  6. Settlement

    What happens at settlement and once you’ve moved in