Free business tools

Download your free business checklists, templates and worksheets. These tools and resources are intended as a guide only.

Am I suited to business?

A handy checklist of the various skills and qualities you may need to run your business.

>download am I suited to business? worksheet
(PDF 75Kb)

What will it cost to get set up?

Identify some of the costs you may need to plan for, depending on the nature of your business.

>download what will it cost to set up?
(PDF 166Kb)

File won't open? You'll need Adobe Reader.

Cashflow forecast

Use this worksheet to identify the cash flows in and out of your business accounts.

>download cashflow forecast (with macros)
excel document

>download cashflow forecast (without macros)
excel document

Profit and loss forecast

Use this worksheet can help you predict what may happen to your business' finances. Download and save to your hard drive for your regular updating.

>download profit and loss forecast (with macros)
excel document

>download profit and loss forecast (without macros)
excel document

Economic Updates

Westpac's economic and market research specialists provide comprehensive analysis and forecasts of the New Zealand and international economies and their financial markets.

> Take a look at the Westpac Economic Updates

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