Receiving customer payments

We offer a range of convenient ways for customers to pay you – either straight into your bank account, or via a debit from theirs.

We've got a range of services that can help with the collection and processing of customer payments.

Eftpos solutions

Thousands of small and medium businesses provide their customers with the convenience of paying by debit and credit card, and so reduce their security risk and the cost from carrying large volumes of cash.

> Learn more about Westpac's Eftpos Solutions for your business needs.

And if you're a member of one of our selected Industry Associations, we can save you money on your credit card processing with special banking deals.

> Find out more about Westpac's Association packages.

Bill payments – phone and Internet

Reduce your paper handling – set up your business on our bill payment register (or print your account number on your invoice). Next time you send your customer an invoice, they can use Internet or phone banking to transfer money directly to your account. You'll get the required customer and payment information on your statement to update your account receivables ledger.

Bill payments provide an efficient way for customers to pay their accounts without having to write out a cheque or visit your place to pay in cash.

To add your business to our Bill Payment register, download and complete our Bill Payee Registration form.

>Download the Bill Payee Registration form
(PDF 51kB)

File won't open? You'll need Adobe Reader

Once completed, please return the form to:
Westpac Bill Payee Registration
Level 8
1 Grey Street
PO Box 691

Direct debits

Direct debits put you in more control. With direct debits, you obtain authorisation from your customers to debit their account, within agreed terms.

Direct debits are ideal for very large billers, but can be equally effective on smaller volumes as well – say, as low as 80 – 100 per month. They are more likely to be accepted as a payment method by your customers where billing is regular. "To process a direct debit schedule, you can use one of the following Westpac Solutions: - Business Online or Corporate Online  - our PC banking service. 

"To process a direct debit schedule, you can use one of the following Westpac Solutions: - Business Online, Corporate Online or Deskbank - our PC banking service.