Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®

airpoints standardWe’ve paired up with Air New Zealand to create a fantastic new card option for our business customers – the Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®. Now you can earn Airpoints Dollars™ from your business spend, helping you get rewarded faster.

Special offer: Pay only 1.99% p.a. for 12 months on balance(s) transferred to a Westpac credit card*.
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Highlights of Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®

  • apply to transfer your balance to the Airpoints™ Business MasterCard, and if successful you could pay 5.95% p.a. for the life of the balance transferred1.
  • earn 1 Airpoints Dollar™ per $75NZD, and one Status Point per $225NZD2. If you're overseas you can earn Airpoints Dollars faster when you spend in a foreign currency – 1 Airpoints Dollar per $70NZD2.
  • add a joint or additional card for a business partner or employee (up to five additional cards), which can be managed via Purchase Profile®, our online card management portal.
  • more travel benefits, like up to 35 days of travel insurance3 and discounted Koru membership5.
  • extended Warranty Insurance of 12 months for goods purchased on your Airpoints Business MasterCard, and Purchase Protection Insurance too3.
  • You can elect to have the Airpoints Dollars™ earned via purchases on your Westpac Airpoints™ Business MasterCard® directed to an Air New Zealand AirpointsTM for Business account, instead of your personal Airpoints account if you join Air New Zealand’s Airpoints for Business programme.  Find out more.

More great features

  • a competitive interest rate of 20.95% p.a. on purchases and 22.95% p.a. on cash advances.
  • up to 44 days interest-free credit on all your purchases^.
  • separates your personal from business expenses, making reporting expenditure simpler for tax purposes4.
  • you'll pay no Koru joining fee (save $255) and receive a $145 discount on the annual Koru membership fee5.
  • the ability to gift Airpoints Dollars to two other people.
  • link your other Westpac savings or bank accounts to your Airpoints Business™ MasterCard® so you can access them at the checkout and ATMs.
  • use your credit card to withdraw cash from overseas banks and ATMs displaying the MasterCard and Cirrus acceptance marks6.
  • 24-hour credit card emergency assistance. 
  • no annual account fee for your Airpoints™ Business MasterCard® for as long as you have a personal Airpoints™ Platinum MasterCard® account open.
  • Plus, if you join Air New Zealand Airpoints for Business Programme, you can earn additional Airpoints Dollars™ for your business when you spend with Air New Zealand’s Airpoints™ Business Partners and Fly Buys partners.  
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Let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits of your Airpoints Business MasterCard®.

Airpoints Dollars and Status Points

With a Westpac Airpoints Business MasterCard® you’ll earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for every $75NZD, and one Status Point per $225NZD2 (including purchases at Air New Zealand's Airpoints Mall2). If you're overseas you can earn Airpoints Dollars faster when you spend in a foreign currency – 1 Airpoints Dollar per $70NZD2.

Each Airpoints Dollar equals one New Zealand dollar, so it’s simple for you to figure out what rewards you can afford with your points.

Status Points allow you to upgrade your Airpoints membership status to Silver, Gold or Elite if you earn enough Status Points in a 12-month period. Each level of membership gives you access to exclusive benefits with Air New Zealand, such as lounge access and upgrade privileges.

More about Status Points

Koru membership

Your AirpointsTM Business MasterCard® welcomes you to join Air New Zealand’s Koru programme, waiving the joining fee of $255 and giving you a discount of $145 off the cost of a 12-month Individual Membership rate3. You’ll enjoy access to Air New Zealand Lounges when travelling on an Air New Zealand operated flight with an Air New Zealand ticket, access to premium check-in, priority baggage and complimentary Frequent Flyer seating plus many more benefits*.

Koru Programme Terms and Conditions apply.

More about Koru

Travel insurance

When you use your Airpoints™ Business MasterCard® to book travel, and pay in advance, you could be covered for up to 35 days per round trip3. And if your family travels with you, they could be covered too.

Before you travel, call AIG on 0800 465 322 to make sure you’re covered and check out the policy document for full information (you can get a copy from any Westpac branch).

Get extra protection on your purchases

Pay for business purchases with your Airpoints Business MasterCard® and you’ll also receive:

Purchase Protection3: This acts a little like contents insurance – your purchases paid in full on the card could be covered for up to 90 days if lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

Extended Warranty3: Automatic extension of a manufacturer’s New Zealand Warranty by up to 12 months on items you pay for in full on your card.

MasterCard Privileges

Head to the MasterCard Privileges page to find offers specially selected for MasterCard cardholders. You’ll find a broad range of local and global experiences across dining, travel, retail and entertainment.

Check out MasterCard Privileges

Purchase Profile®

We all know it can be challenging to keep up to speed with employee spending. Wouldn't it be easier if you could control credit card use and have an up-to-date view of spending? Well now you can with Westpac's Purchase Profile® feature.

What is Purchase Profile?

Purchase Profile is an effective, quick and low-cost feature available on our Airpoints Business MasterCard. It allows spend controls to be applied to individual employee cards and determines how when and where cards can be used. You manage these controls through a 24/7 web-based solution in real time.

How does Purchase Profile work?

Check out our short video to see how our Purchase Profile solution could help your business. And check out the key features and benefits below.

Key Features & Benefits

Purchase Profile provides controls including:

  • Spend controls - real time controls can be set at card and transaction levels. This makes spending policies easier to enforce and helps you delegate spending responsibilities with greater peace of mind. It can also help with budgeting and fraud control.
  • Alerts – email alerts can be set so that notifications are sent to administrators when card usage breaches pre-defined controls. This helps provide real-time monitoring and enhanced visibility and control or card use.

  • Transaction blocking – pre-set control criteria allows you to decline any transactions that fall outside of those criteria and have a notification email sent to your business, or simply receive a notification email after the transaction has been processed. As well as giving your business improved visibility of and control over, employee spending it helps give you greater peace of mind when delegating spending authorities to employees.

  • Online self-service portal – with 24/7 online access from anywhere that internet access is available, Purchase Profile is simple to use, quick to implement and has real time controls to help give you greater visibility of employee spending.

  • Reports – online reports give you enhanced visibility of card usage in real time. This could help you track spending, adjust controls and manage cash flow and budgets more efficiently.

Already an Airpoints Business MasterCard customer?

Set up your Purchase Profile account * 

*Before you set up a Purchase Profile account, please make sure you have made at least one transaction on each of the Airpoints Business MasterCards you would like to register.

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Rates & Fees

Interest rates for your Airpoints Business MasterCard

Airpoints Business MasterCard - Interest rates
CardInterest rates
Purchases (and other fees & charges) 20.95% p.a.
Balance transfer rate
Transfer balances from another bank’s credit card, overdraft, personal loan, or hire purchase agreement to a Westpac credit card.
 > More on balance transfers
1.99% p.a.*special rate  for 12 months on the balance transferred
5.95% p.a. for the life of the balance transferred
Cash advance rate
Cash advances on all Westpac credit cards, excluding those on Portfolio pricing.
22.95% p.a.

Fees for your Airpoints™ Business MasterCard®

Airpoints Business MasterCard - Fees
Some overseas banks may charge an extra fee for a cash advance.
Fee descriptionFee amount
Annual account fee
 Paid in two 6-monthly instalments of $72.50. Airpoints™ Business MasterCard® holders who also have a personal Airpoints™ Platinum MasterCard® will not be charged the Airpoints Business annual fee for as long as they keep their personal Airpoints™ Platinum MasterCard® account open.
$145 per year
Cash advance in NZ using a Westpac ATM
$2 per transaction
at other bank ATMs $2 per transaction
Westpac branch teller $2 per transaction
Cash advance overseas using Global ATM Alliance ATMs $0  Transaction fees do not apply when using ATMs within the Global ATM Alliance in the respective country shown. Institutions participating in the Global ATM Alliance are subject to change but currently include Deutsche Bank (Germany), Bank of America (United States), Scotiabank (Canada), Barclays Bank (United Kingdom), BNP Paribas (France), Westpac (Australia) and Westpac (New Zealand).The NZ$8 international transaction fee saving applies to Westpac customers only, and is subject to change. All other international and standard fees apply including foreign currency conversion fees apply – see the  <a href="" target="_blank">Transaction and Service Fees brochure</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Business Transaction and Service Fees brochure</a> for details.
using other ATMs or at bank branches NZ$8 per transaction Note: An ATM service fee may be charged by the ATM provider.
Joint/additional card $15 per year
Late payment fee $15 per late payment
Card over limit
Applies where you exceed your account credit limit during any statement period.
Replacement card
where original card is lost, damaged or stolen
$15 per card
Courier delivery in NZ/overseas Courier costs where applicable 
Foreign currency fee When you use your Westpac credit card to make an overseas transaction, you'll pay a foreign currency fee. This is currently 2.5% of the New Zealand dollar converted value of the foreign currency transaction amount. A foreign currency conversion fee is applied to purchases, cash withdrawals and any fees and charges in a foreign currency incurred by you from the overseas merchant or merchant bank for that transaction. 2.50% of NZD converted value of foreign currency transaction amount


The payment flexibility you need

We understand that managing cash flow is critical to business owners. Our Airpoints™ Business MasterCard® has all the payment flexibility of our personal Airpoints™ Platinum MasterCard®:

  • choose to pay off your card in full or meet the minimum repayment (2% of the balance owing each month, or $5 – whichever is greater)7.
  • make payments off your credit card by automatic payment, direct debit or bill payment via Westpac One or Business Online banking available 24/7. Or use our Phone Banking service, funds transfer or simply pop into a branch.
  • your accountant can receive your transaction data electronically via BankLink.
  • there's no international transaction fee to pay (usually $8) when withdrawing money overseas from an ATM within the Global Alliance Group8. See the Fees and Rates tab for more information.