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Bite-sized video updates on the New Zealand economy and markets.

Chief Economist Dominick Stephens presents economic insights in this two-minute weekly video.

22 April:

Low interest rates have been boosting household borrowing and asset prices. The resulting increases in debt signal important challenges for the economy over the coming years.

15 April:

Very strong housing market data for March will have the Reserve Bank pausing for thought ahead of the OCR Review in two weeks' time.

8 April:

The economy was reasonably solid in early-2016, but the dairy downturn is sparking increasing worry about the future. We anticipate a mixed, two-speed economy over the year ahead.

1 April:

Confidence surveys suggest that people are worried about the dairy downturn, but don't see it affecting their own back pockets. Confidence in key dairying regions is down sharply, but is holding up better in regions with strong population growth or exposure to the booming tourism industry.

Chief Economist Dominick Stephens presents economic insights in this bite-sized monthly video updates.

We hope you find these updates helpful in shaping a view of what's in store for you beyond the farm gate.

8 April:

Global economic sentiment has improved over the past month, but that is not translating into much joy for New Zealand's key exporters.

4 March:

After a rough start to the year for many parts of the agricultural sector, developments in the last month have been a little more mixed.

5 February:

The outlooks for New Zealand's primary industries are quite divergent, depending on each industry's exposure to struggling developing countries versus the go-ahead rich world.

4 December:

These are not great times to be an exporter of commodities. But at least the low exchange rate is helping many exporters. And the New Zealand dollar may fall even further in the months ahead.

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