TXT Banking

Get balances and transfer money between two nominated accounts by txt on your registered mobile, while you’re out and about.

You can also get email and txt alerts to keep track of your Online Banking activity, bank account and credit card information.

How it works

The highlights

  • View and transfer money via your mobile whenever, wherever.
  • Free registration and txt alerts - plus there’s no monthly fee.

How to get account balances by txt:

Once you’re set up you can get the latest balances for your two selected accounts, simply by Txting ‘b’ to 202

You should get a reply txt with your account balances in seconds!

For example:

1. Type 'b' in your text message

2. Send to 202

3. Our reply message

Transfer money between your accounts by txt

If you choose two accounts when you set up Txt banking, you can transfer money from your savings or back-up account to your main transaction account by txt.

To transfer money from one account to the other simply:

Text t and the amount you want to transfer (i.e. t 100 to transfer $100) and send it to 202

For example:

  1. Type 't' plus the amount you want to transfer in your text message
  2. Send to 202
  3. Our reply message


Before you register you will need:

  • at least one Westpac transaction/savings account (credit cards are excluded)
  • a two-way txt-capable mobile phone registered with a New Zealand mobile network
  • to register for Txt banking via Original Online Banking

Start by registering

If you aren’t registered for Online Banking you can still register for Txt banking by calling 0800 400 600 (7am – 11pm, 7 days a week) or visit your local Westpac branch.

Online Banking customers can register for Txt banking right now. Simply follow the steps below: 

  • Step 1 - Login to Original Online Banking
  • Step 2 - From your Online Banking welcome screen, select ‘Banking on your mobile’ from the left hand menu.
  • Step 3 - Follow the step-by-step instructions on screen to nominate which accounts you want to use for your txt balance enquiries and transfers, and enter your mobile number.
  • Step 4 - We’ll send an activation code to your mobile phone which you need to enter into Online Banking to verify that it is your mobile number.

Login to Original Online Banking

Text banking security

How safe is text banking?

We’re committed to helping to protect your privacy and security while ensuring our Txt banking services are easy and convenient to use.

Therefore, it’s good to know we’ve taken the following measures to help make it as secure as possible:

  • it is an ‘opt-in’ service – you need to register your mobile phone number and we need to prove that it is in your possession before we will set it up.
  • balance and transfer requests are only accepted from registered Txt banking customers and only from their registered mobile number.
  • you can only register one mobile number and the same mobile number cannot be registered to another customer.
  • transfers are one way only – from your savings or back-up account to your main account and the balances of these two accounts only can be sent via txt.
  • balances are only sent to your registered mobile number and only the product name and suffix are shown in the txt messages sent by Westpac - we will never include your full account number.
  • you have to set up the transfer details when you register and this set up can only be changed within Online Banking or by contacting Westpac.
  • you can't transfer money to an account you don't own, or pay a third party.

We recommend that you delete the txt messages after you have read them. 

What it costs

What it costs

Txts that you receive from Westpac are completely free.

However, txts that you send to Westpac may incur charges from your mobile service provider. Please contact your mobile service provider for details of their fees and charges.