Help with your browser settings

Sometimes you’ll need a little help using Online Banking. Here's some helpful information about your browser requirements and settings.

What are the minimum web browser requirements for using Online Banking?

To access Online Banking, you will need to use an internet browser compatible with 128-bit encryption.

We support these browsers

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 8 and upwards
  • Firefox 32 and upwards
  • Safari 6 and upwards
  • Google Chrome 37 and upwards

If you don’t have one of these supported browser versions

  • you can download them for free from the Internet
  • you will need to choose the correct 128-bit strong encryption version for your operating platform

Download Internet Explorer

Download Firefox

Download Safari

If you use an unsupported browser for your Online Banking, and experience any problems, we may not be able to offer you any technical assistance.

Do I need to change any browser settings to use Online Banking?

To use Westpac Online Banking, you will need to ensure cookies and JavaScript are enabled.

How do I know which browser version I am using?

To find out your browser version

  • go to the ‘Help’ button at the top of your browser toolbar
  • select the ‘About’ option
  • your browser type and version will be displayed.