Deposits in branch

Sure, you can still deposit cash and cheques the old-fashioned way by lining up with a deposit slip and speaking to one of our helpful branch staff. However, these days there are plenty of quick alternatives to deposit cash and cheques – even after hours.

If you regularly deposit cash and cheques at our branches consider using deposit bags and dropping them into our quick deposit boxes, located in branch.  Or after hours, you can use our Smart Deposit Machines in selected 24 hour lobbys (if you’re a Westpac customer). 

Deposit bags & quick deposit boxes

This helpful process means you can prepare your banking in your own time on your own premises, and put it all in one of our tamper-evident bags. Each deposit bag contains a cash breakdown to help simplify your banking and reduce errors.  

Then, discreetly bring the deposit bag(s) into branch and place into our secure 'quick deposit' boxes. 

Once deposited, any cash will be credited to your account on the day you deposit it (for deposits made before 4:30pm on a business day). Cheques will also be credited to your account, but funds won't be available immediately. 

Each bag contains a unique ID number to track your deposit. 

Note that these deposits are treated as manual deposits, and the manual deposit fee for the account applies. Other fees, i.e cash handling fees may apply. 

Video: how to deposit money quickly, with a Westpac deposit bag


The Smart ATM (in our 24 hour lobbies)

Many of our branches have new 24 hour lobbies that have 'Smart Machines'. If you're a Westpac customer you can use this machine to deposit cash (including coins) or cheques into any Westpac account and the money will appear in your bank account straight away. Cheques follow normal clearance processing times. The machine will print the cheque details on the back of your receipt. 

Deposits are considered to be electronic transactions. The type of account the deposit is made into will determine the fee.

Businesses can use the Smart ATMs to deposit their banking bags. If you make a deposit before 4.30pm on weekdays it will be credited on the same day, otherwise by the end of the following business day.

Visit out Branch locator to see which branches have 24 hour lobbies.

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