Augmented Reality Banking App

Augmented reality is a cool technology that displays information in 3D when you hold your smartphone’s camera over an item. And now, we’re excited to have the first augmented reality banking app in New Zealand.

When you hold your Westpac MasterCard or Visa under the camera of your iOS device, the AR banking app shows you your recent transactions and spending trends – in 3D, and in a flash.

The app was developed from a winning idea in Westpac’s Global App Challenge, amongst hundreds of other creative, innovative entries. Watch this video to find out more about the app:

Features of the AR Banking App

  • Understand your spending patterns over time by seeing how much money you’ve spent on your credit card over the last 5 weeks
  • View your available balance and how much you still need to pay
  • See the last 5 purchases made from your credit card account

How do I get the app?

Westpac’s AR Banking app works on any iPhone with iOS7 and above. Simply download the app from the App Store, set up your account and register your relevant credit cards.

Get the AR banking app